【How to choose your own brompton?】

You can build your own brompton on Brompton official website

[Official - Build your own Brompton]


You can go through the summary below.
Choose your Brompton model according to your needs.


1. 【Handle Type】

M type

M type handle bar is the classic Brompton handle bar
Provides a upright riding position

H type

H type is a handle bar type which provide more upright riding position than M type
People who is tall or prefer comfort style may choose H type.

S type

S type handle bar is a flat bar, which giving a sporty riding style.
Aggressive, aerodynamic. 


P type

P type handlebar provides flexible riding position for riders.
Change your riding position when is needed!


 2. 【Gearing】


1 Speeds

Light and simple for flat city riding.
Standard ratio - 12T, 54T



2 Speeds

One gear for hills and setting off, one for cruising. Flexible and lightweight.
Standard ratio - 12T/16T, 54T



3 Speeds

A robust enclosed hub gear, a great choice for everyday cycling.
Standard ratio 13T, 50T



6 Speeds

The ultimate all-arouner, for those who wish to take longer rides and challenging inclines.
Standard ratio 13T/16T, 50T



3. 【Mudguards & Rear Rack】

Version E

No mudguards, No rack
+ 0 kg


Version L

Mudguards, No rack
+ 0.37 kg


Version R

Mudguards, Rack
+ 0.77 kg


4.【Front fork and rear triangle - Superlight】

Titanium rear triangle and front fork
Does not come with pump
- 0.74 kg


5. 【Colors】

2017 Color Options:
1. Black
2. Grey (new)
3. Racing Green
4. Red (new)
5. Tempest Blue
6. Ivory
7. Turkish Green
8. Lagoon Blue
9. Berry Crush
10. Lime Green

1. Raw Lacquer
2. Stardust
3. Black Edition
4. New York City Edition
5. Nickel Eidition:

Color will be discontinued: 
1. Heritage Red
2. Cherry Blossom
3. Orange
4. White


6. 【Seat Height】

Standard Seatpost
For an inside leg of 33"/ 84 cm and under.

Extended Seatpost
For and inside leg of 33" - 35"/ 84 cm - 89 cm

Telescopic Seatpost
For and inside leg of over 35"/ 90 cm


7. 【Saddle Options】

Standard / Wide

Standard option: 147 mm
 Wide option: 167 mm

Brooks B17 Special - Men's
+ 0.14 kg

Brooks B17 Special - Ladies'
+ 0.10 kg


8. 【Tyres】

Brompton Kevlar

Original tire from Brompton

Schwalbe Kojak

Fast and Light, less resistance


Schwalbe Marathon

Heavy but steadle, high puncture resistance level.





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