The best folding bike in Taiwan - Birdy is coming to Malaysia!

As previous year, there is no proper authorized distributor in Malaysia, so it is quite difficult for Malaysia Birdy fans to get one.

And now, we proudly announce that, Pacific Cycles - Birdy is now available in KHASS!







Birdy is a folding bike model produced by Pacific Cycles Taiwan

The designers of the bike ares Markus Riese and Heiko Müller from Germany.

The bike is designed under the premise of performance, therefore the structure is extremely rigid and stiff.


Birdy 是由来自德国的Markus Riese and Heiko Müller设计,再由太平洋公司制造。




4 new models and specs are selling in KHASS



Flyroad - Birdy R

Jungle - Birdy GT

Dreamliner - Birdy Standard

New Classic Birdy




Check the product details below~






Flyroad - Birdy R


极速鸟 Birdy R


A road bike type, aero dynamic Birdy

Stable and comfortable while you are speeding on the road

The painting process is the most complicated among all series.




Birdy R的上漆过程是所有系列最复杂的



Raod bike derailleur Shimano 105 11 speeds - Smooth shifting performance

53T Chainring - High top speed

21 degree 3D forged one piece stem - Forward riding position

Hubsmith high profile rim - Good rolling, aero dynamic

Kojak slick tire - Light weight and low resistance.


公路车变速系统Shimano 105 11速 - 顺滑的变速

53T 大盘 - 更高的顶速 Top Speed

前倾21度的3D锻造立管 - 更有空气力学的骑姿

Hubsmith高板轮组 - 良好的滚动惯性,切割风阻!

Kojak光头胎 - 轻量化且低阻力



Two color options:

-Galaxy Purple








Recommended retail price: RM12,900

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Jungle - Birdy GT


越野鸟 - Birdy GT


MTB type setting, nimble controlling

Allow you to ride on/off road, nothing can stop you and your Birdy!






32T Cassette - Climbing is not a problem

Schwalbe Black Jack tire - Handle different type of trail

10 degree adjustable stem - Nimble handling

SRAM X5 10speeds - stable and reliable shifting system

Juin Tech hybrid hydraulic disc brake - Safe and reliable


32T飞轮 - 爬坡,没问题!

Schwalbe Black Jack 越野胎 - 应付各种类型的路段

10度可调立管 - 灵敏的操控性能

SRAM X5 10速 - 稳定的变速系统

Juin Tech 线拉油压刹车 - 安全可靠



Two color options:

-Red + Black

-Army Green







Recommended retail price: RM10,700

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Dreamliner - Birdy Standard


追梦鸟 - Birdy Standard


Monocoque Birdy is a dream bike for lots of folding bike rider

This year, Pacific launch an affordable Monocoque Birdy for those who desperate for it!

Especially for modify lover, this will be a best choice to get a Monocoque Birdy frame!


自从Birdy推出超级帅气的Monocoque车架后,Birdy便成为了不少小折车迷的Dream Bike





Maxxis Birdy tire - handle most of the route for city ride

Shimano Sora 9 speeds - wide gear range

10 degree stem - upright riding position, relax, comfort, no stress~


Maxxis BIRDY 全能胎 - 能应付绝大多数都市骑行的路段

Shimano SORA 9速 - 宽裕的变速

10度立管 - 直立的骑行姿势,轻松,舒适,没压力~



3 color options:

Matte Charcoal (Hot item)

Glossy Ocean Blue

Glossy Cyan



-消光炭黑 (最抢手)





Recommended retail price: RM9,000

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New Classic Birdy

全新经典鸟 - New Classic Birdy

Back to the origin

After few decades of improving in technology, Pacific Cycles decides to back to origin, round tube, level top tube.

Using the latest and most advance technology on the classic Birdy, welcome back Classic Birdy.



在技术上提升了一大截之后,Pacific不忘回到Birdy最开始的原貌 - 圆管,水平车架



Fixed double lock stem - Simple, stiff

V brake - Simple, light

Shimano Acera 8speed - Simple, smooth


Simple spec, just to let you modify

Just do it.


固定立管 - 简单,硬

V brake - 简单,轻

Shimano Acera 8速 - 简单,顺


2 color options:

- Glossy red

- Pearl white



- 亮红色

- 珍珠白





Recommended retail price: RM6,500

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